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Did You See

Did You See? Read, Color and Draw

by Joyce G. Moore

The Read and Color Section: See some unique characters doing some amazing things. Can you imagine seeing "The bat who wore the hat, who sat on the cat, that ate the rat?"? This is one of twenty exceptional characters that you will see. Use your unique imagination to inspire the artist within, as you apply a variety of colors to the picture.
The Imagination Section: This section allows you to draw your own pictures, after reading the short stories and using your imagination to add your won personal touches to the page.

Excellent Activities for:

  1. Children's Parties
  1. Social Events
  1. Family Fun Nights
  1. Family Reunions
  1. Your Own Private Time

Fun for all ages and excellent for a chuckle or two! FREE shipping.

(67 pages)
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Organic, Real and Raw Poetic Expressions for

MySisters, MyGirls, MyLadies

by Joyce G. Moore

How about a little "Teaser Poetry" to offer you some expressions that are tempered with reality, possibilities, and more or less, fictional situations - in regards to relationships between the self and the sexes. The intention is to inform as well as to entertain. There is no intention to demean the character of anyone - male or female.

The "Food for Thought Menu" may consist of "Nourishing Food", "Junk Food" and "Wisdom Food". You may find great value within - by spending your precious time to consider which category you wish to choose from. May you derive great joy, great pleasure and greater insight as you engage in this series of poetic expressions.

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Bully 2872 Discovers The Magical Land of Helix

by Joyce G. Moore

Helix is a gigantic "Magical Land" with seven smaller lands within. This is a land designed for family units and individual boys and girls who need to discontinue the hurtful behavior of bullying, teasing and disrespecting others. Bully 2872 discovered this most magical place as he entered the "Helix Cave". The lessons he is taught will magically help him live with joy, love, acceptance, respect and wise use of talents.

The story focuses on so many ideas that may inspire children, and adults as well, to better understand some of the reasons people tease and bully others. It also teaches how it is possible for this behavior to be transformed.

These lessons reinforce appreciation for family, respect for others, the value of a good education, selecting the right friends, discovering innate talents, and a variety of so many other "Life Lessons".

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Sparkalena to the Rescue

by Joyce G. Moore

"Sparkalena to the Rescue" is a delightful story about two eleven-year-old friends who are being teased and called unkind nicknames at school. A beautiful doll-like creature magically appears to spend the time needed to help these girls make some needed changes in order to feel better about themselves.

Sparkalena uses all of her wisdom, her unique powers, her special magical tools, her helpful resources and the time she dedicates just to help Tonya, Alyce and their loving families.

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The Beast in the Closet

by Joyce G. Moore

"The Beast in the Closet" is a delightful story about two eight-year-old boys and this helpful beast-like creature that came into their lives to help them feel good and more confident about themselves.

Good things happen when a friend "pays it forward" and helps a friend who needs help. Help can come from the most unusual people and things. This story reveals how it did happen.

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Mamma says, "Life is..."

by Joyce G. Moore

This is a thought provoking series of 320 sayings about life as shared by "mamma." This book is the first in the "Quick and Easy Read Series." It captures the quintessential truths about life and the unique qualities of human nature. This is one of those books that you may wish to keep on the coffee table - for all to see - between reading and re-reading.

...a canvas. You are the artist. Create your own masterpiece. fresh as new fallen snow. Know that it will melt.
...not letter perfect. However, keep practicing your ABCs and even your 123s
...sometimes bitter - just sweeten it.

(38 pages)
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Pappa's "Pings" to Ponder

by Joyce G. Moore

Pappa's "Pings" To Ponder -- another in the Quick Read Series -- is presented by Life Management Inc. This book is designed to be a wonderful companion to Mamma says, "Life is''. Pappa's "Pings" To Ponder provides its readers with so much enlightenment. There are 198 serious, as well as some funny things ("Pings") to ponder. This 40 page Quick Read offers a very thought provoking series of ideas, to draw the readers' attention to this most diverse thing call LIFE. The writer feels that -- if the reader should only heed just one much needed tip from this series -- it just might save one heart from being broken or one life from being shattered.

There are many valuable thoughts to be pondered and so many ideas to gain.

(40 pages)
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Stone, Grit, Bricks, Mortar: Black Heritage

by Harriett C. Graham

Harriett C. Graham had a profound belief in living life to its fullest, and in so doing, wished to share the many lessons and experiences that she had learned. As a mother of four, grandmother, great grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin, mother-in-law, and friend to many, this 83 year old author, artist, writer, poet and humanitarian created works of many literary dimensions and artistic creations to share with the world. Her accomplishments performed well into her senior years, proving that it is never too late to live your dreams and inspire others.

Her last book was Stone, Grit, Bricks, Mortar: Black Heritage. This book is a compilation of historical facts which reflect upon our past, our present and our future. It is believed to be to our greatest good to: Learn It, Understand It, Teach It, Honor It, Respect It, Embrace It, and Strive To Make It Better. This is one of the many legacies which this author wished to pass on to all generations.

Attention parents, teachers, group leaders, counselors, students! This is a vital book of information for Black History Month as well as the rest of the year. It will be an important part of your library, and in addition, it will enhance your knowledge of your black heritage and make you feel good about who you are and your place in history.

This handy informational book contains 191 pages of historical compilations and 14 miscellaneous pages of poetic expressions and inspirational comments...all together, more than 200 pages of valuable information, including: contributions, inventions, activities, occurrences and historical events which have shaped the political climates throughout many phases of history.

(191 pages)
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